Write for Fantasy Road

So… Interested in joining the Kingdom are we? Think you have what it takes? we’ll see…

I’m assuming that you’re familiar with Fantasy Road already, otherwise why would you be here? So with that assumption in mind, you should be aware of the type of articles this blog is interested in, and if you’re not? better get reading.

We are currently accepting submissions, providing they adhere to the below rules.


  • The submission must be either an article, review or story.
  • The writing style fits with that of Fantasy Road… It doesn’t have to be in exactly the same tone as my own, but it needs to be unique.
  • Cannot be blatant self promotion, for example; an article about how great your own blog is… Nobody cares bro.
  • No Douchenuggery, stupidisms or crapsickles. (No rubbish).
  • you are allowed to link back to your own website/blog at either the beginning or the end of your piece… full acknowledgement of the author will obviously also be given.
  • A profile will be created for you to post the article yourself should you fit the bill and get accepted as a Fantasy Road writer.
  • If you are a review writer, your reviews must be honest, no matter how brutal. We will not have Fantasy road associated with untrue reviews.
  • If you are submitting a story, the piece must have ties into the Fantasy genre in some way, some SciFi pieces, if they contain a fantasy element, will be accepted also.

To put forward a submission, please use the contact page and wait for a reply.


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