A Liar’s Game – Part 20

“-Literally straight out of the air, the guy’s a fucking god!”

“How is that even possible?”

“No idea, but we saw it with our own eyes.”


“Swear it on the grave of my Mother. The bastard even ended the sand-rat that shot at him with his own arrow before the poison knocked him out!”

“Shut up, that’s ridiculous!” Tayne groaned as the two voices, one male one female, interrupted his dreamless sleep.

“Lord Von’Faygan?” Thorne?

“He’s waking up! I’ll go get the others.” Thunderous footsteps ensued then paused as a door clicked before continuing again with a noise that implied the descent of stairs.

“Lord Von’Faygan, can you hear me?” Who the fuck is she talking to? A soft grip on his chin sent a slight shiver through Tayne’s body as the speaker angled his head towards herself whilst the other hand forced his lids apart on one eye. “Lord Von’Faygan?” Wait… Am I Thorne? For a few more moments Tayne contemplated this impossibility, the thick mind fog temporarily obscuring logical thought, luckily only for a few moments as Tayne remembered the Von’Faygan adoption. It was him she was talking to. Lord Tay Von’Faygan.

“Yes I can bloody hear you, you-” The degenerate’s words failed him as Tayne’s vision un-blurred to reveal a woman that ranked a near second on the list of ‘the most beautiful people he had ever seen’.

“You?” The dark haired beauty frowned gorgeously, her lips naturally shaded a dark red, eyes as green as emeralds and hair as black as midnight.

“Whore?” The question, although genuine, was met with a look of shock that morphed quickly into one of rage.

“Excuse me?” Her tone, much to Tayne’s confusion, dark and low.

“I asked if you were a whore?”

“How dare you!” Tayne’s confusion grew as the woman exploded in an outburst of rage. Perhaps she didn’t understand his question?

“As in a lady of the night, a uh, sex-”

I Know what a damn whore is.” The beauty snapped dangerously. Why the fuck was she so mad? The way he saw it, being asked if you were a whore was a compliment, so what wasn’t she getting? To sell sex, people would need to want to pay for it, obviously?

“Look, all I’m asking is how muc-”

“Lord Tay!” Thorne’s booming tone cut the man off from his price negotiation instantly, a sigh on his lips as he realised he was never going to get up in that. “Thank you doctor! Thank you!” Doctor? The furious red faced woman nodded once, sharply, before she exited the room without a backward glance in a way that forced Javid’s form to press flat against the door frame to allow the woman passage. “Brother!” Thorne roared as he thundered forward. “Incredible!” The big man grasped Tayne’s hand warmly as he assisted him into a sitting position. “In-Credible!”

“How did you do it Tay?” Tevin’s eyes almost feverish with awe as he stared into the muddy brown of Tayne’s own gaze.

“Do, uh-whatnow?” This entire situation as becoming incredibly confusing. Why was everyone so excited? What the fuck had happened, where were they?

“The arrow!” Tevin’s excited question left the lad’s lips as he bounced over to the side of the bed like a rabid, disgustingly happy rabbit that had sniffed too much Shcag.

“What arr-” Taynes words fell short as a partial memory resurfaced, a silent picture in motion within his head as Tay watched himself climb the dune of sand, the arrows dodged and weaved as he laughed. “No…” He remembered the thought at the time was that he was asleep, the arrows dodged with laughable ease, even the final deadly projectile that he plucked straight from the air as if it were a stationary feather no harder to grasp than a bogey plucked from within his own nose.

“Tayne, If I hadn’t of seen it with my own eyes man! Good lord!” Thorne laughed heartily, his eyes warm as he stared at his supposed friend. “You never cease to surprise me my friend, just when I think you’re heads pressed to the roof you just burst on through.”

The smile that Tayne wore hovered uncertainly, the edges of his lips in constant motion as he fought against the tears of terror that pressed desperately to escape.

“It was… It was, nothing.” The degenerate lied as he suppressed the lightheaded-near fainting sensation that turned his body to ice despite the thick duvet above he had been cocooned within at some point on arrival.

“Can you…” Thorne spoke eagerly as he leaned forward, his eyes alight with the same bright excitement of a child on his namdeday morning. “No, no that would be asking too much, I couldn’t.” Thorne pulled back, though his expression and tone made it clear the role that Tayne was meant to play.

“Nothing is too much for my Brother, dear Thorne! Ask away!” Was what the bastard wanted him to say but fuck that, there was no way he was playing into the mans little gam-

“You honour me Brother!” Are you fucking serious? Apparently the answer within Tayne’s head had had been accompanied by his mouth, somehow the idiot had spoken it out loud. “The arrow, do you think you… could you… Could you do it again?” Fuck it, once the tips in you might as well give them the shaft.

“Of course, it was nothing.” Tayne lied through his teeth, his head still somewhat cloudy. Instantly the three’s expression changed from one of excited apprehension to that of pure and utter joy. Tevin shot to his feet and ran to the opposite wall, a huge oak bow strung with arrow pulled to his cheek. What?

“Wait, not now, i mean- what the fu-” Tayne’s hand shot upward to protect his face, the panic so great  he didn’t even notice the twang of the bowstring as the young man let loose. A collective gasp of awe stilled Tayne’s tongue. “What?” Slowly the drunk followed their gaze toward his outstretched arm, an arm that ended in a hand. A hand that held within an arrow grasped tight. Well i’ll be fucked. I did it. The moment the man’s thought finished a steady deluge of crimson began to drip from within his clenched palm down onto the bed as a devastatingly painful ache blossomed from the center of his appendage. Oh… no. Tayne’s vision swam as he opened his hand to reveal the arrow to be protruding from both front and back. He hadn’t caught the damn thing, he had been skewered by it. “For fuck sake.” The man muttered before darkness claimed him once more.


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