A Liar’s Game – Part 16

Tayne ducked as a crystal goblet sailed straight through where his head had just been to smash forcefully against the beautiful mural painted on the breakfast hall wall.

“How dare you!” Thorne roared as he leaped the table, the fingers on each hand extended like claws before him. “How fucking dare you!” He yelled again as he vaulted the chair in front of Tayne, the degenerate sidestepped to allow the furious bull of a man to pass him by, for his wrath, thankfully, was not directed at him.

“I’m sorry!” Tevin cried as he leaped back over the dining table, his arse skidded on the polished surface skilfully before he dismounted the other side. “I saw the bruises on Amelia’s face and…” He ducked as a chair came sailing forward from the Bloodthorne’s side of the table. “And something triggered inside… I didn’t think.” Thorne paused at the look of honest miserable pleading on you young man’s face.

“Bruises?” The handsome man whispered with an element of ice that had crept into his tone.  Tevin nodded desperately, making full use of the moment as Lord Von’Faygan paused his righteous fury. Frantically he prodded his own bruised eye.

“Like this, I swear it.” Thorne cursed loudly before he turned to face the servant that stood pale faced at the door, the poor bloke suddenly even whiter as the blood drained from his expression under the furious Bloodthorne’s gaze.

“You.” The servant stood up straighter his panicked eyes focused on his master. “Fetch Amelia. Go now.”

“My Lord.” The slave bowed then darted from the room faster than thought with nothing but a sigh of relief left to hang on the air. Tay supressed a chuckle. Somehow as if by magic, even after the dark turn of events that nearly had him killed, he had once again emerged the hero. “Lord Tay of Dagonia once again saves the day by killing two men twice his size, he even started the fight bare handed and used their own weapons to end them.” He grinned. Lady luck is my bitch. The boastful thought interrupted as something wet and warm splattered over his hair and down his cheek. What the fuck? With one finger pressed to his cheek he dragged down slowly, once removed a sticky white substance was promptly revealed.  What is that? Without much thought, the man shoved his finger into his mouth, because that was the logical thing to do. Right? Yep, that’s definitely shit. With a wretch the drunk spat a milky white glob of saliva to the floor as his chest heaved in repulsion. What the fuck is wrong with you, why would you do that?

“Erm… Lord Tay?” Mid heave Tayne raised his gaze to Tevin who eyed him with confusion from the other side of the road. “Pardon me, but did you just eat bird shit?” Tayne glowered at the young man before his gaze raised to the wooden rafters, sure enough a beautiful white dove stared back almost teasingly. What the hell are the chances of that? A bird inside the room directly above me and… his blood went cold as the realisation that he had literally just insulted the Lady Luck less than an instant before the bad luck had befallen him. If you’re real my Lady, I am so fucking sorry. I’m your bitch, Tayne halmar is the Lady Luck’s bitch. Promptly the dove flew away. The fake Lord sighed in relief as he took this as acceptance at his apology. “Lord Tay?” Lord Hawkmoon prompted once more.

“Apparently so.” Tay’s answer met by an awkward laugh from the young man who glanced uneasily at Thorne, though luckily for him it appeared some of the man’s humour had returned, as he too snorted with amusement and shook his head in a “typical Tay” type way.

“Where I’m from, it wards off bad luck to do so.” The humour on both faces cut off immediately to be replaced by awkward gazes lowered to the floor as Tayne supressed a chuckle. So easy to manipulate these nobles, you can always rely on the fact that they will do anything not to offend one another.
“My apologies My Lord, no offence meant.” Tevin whispered as he raised his gaze bravely once more, though Tayne waved his hand as dismissal.

“No offence taken my friend.” The hall’s door opened just as Tay’s words ended, Amelia strode in clothed once more in her regular attire. The beautiful blue dress she wore today sparkled in the morning sun as she swayed her way towards the group, each step sexual, the entire time her eyes locked to Tayne. The degenerate gulped as his third leg began to swell.

“Amelia.” Lord Thorne smiled as he spoke, though his eyebrows dipped as he saw her face without damage, no bruise in sight. Tayne double took at the realisation also, for he had seen the damage first hand, what kind of sorcery as this? “Tevin here believes you were mistreated by your captors.” His frown deepened as he moved his gaze from the woman to Tevin where it lingered for a moment, then back to his niece.  “He claims you sported a bruised eye, which it is clear to see that you do not.” Amelia’s expression grew dark as she halted her uncle with a gesture, two fingers entered her mouth before she began to use the wet to wipe at the area that the bruise had been, her fingers slowly becoming coated in a skin coloured powder, the dark yellow green bruise revealed. Sorcery. The thought came unbidden as awe took hold of the pauper that of curse had no concept of makeup, the substance being far too expensive for one of his class. Or had been anyway.

The fury in the Bloodthorne’s gaze grew by the moment until his entire body shook with anger. Slowly he turned toward the young Hawkmoon.

“Tevin, you have my apologies.” He paused as fury clouded his eyes. “If I had of seen this…” Tevin nodded.

“I know. And no apology is needed.” The big man nodded and the younger rogue with a look of respect. His red eyed gaze turned to Tayne.

“And you…” Tay gulped heavily, suddenly unsure under the head Guard’s stare. “I’m beginning to think you must be getting sick of receiving our thanks.” The glower turned into a smile. “I hear that once again you did the impossible. Two of the slavers muscle ended by their own blade.” He shook his head in amazement. “Incredible. You do our family proud Lord Tay Von’Faygan.” This was the first time he had heard his adoptive full name spoken aloud. He liked it. Thorne’s gaze swapped back over to Amelia, once more his body began to tremble. “We will find them. Every one of Tayme Balmar’s tribe. Every single one will taste steel by the end of the night.” The man’s knuckles white as his fist’s clenched in anger. Again his stare moved to Tay. “This time I will not do you the dishonour of attempting to dissuade you from joining us, you deserve your fair share of the glory to be had.” Shit.

“My thanks Lord-” He was cut off as Thorne gestured for silence.

“No more of this Lord business. Family has no use for titles brother.”

Ah fuck.


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