Faisel’s sorrows – Part 6

Faisel could feel that Sid’s body was growing weary, which was in fact an odd sensation as he himself was not. It was as if his movements were growing sluggish, like a magical object whose charge was nearly drained.

The grumpy wizard grumbled as he walked through the ruined streets of Dunminge, only four or so houses left standing after the place had faced his wrath. Sure some might say that he had gotten carried away… The young-boy-old-man cast an almost guilty glance at the smouldering pile of molten rock that had once been the bakers, a skeletal hand frozen forever in an upward grasp that emerged from the steadily hardening lava-like substance, all skin long since burned free. But really it wasn’t his fault, the F.A.T B.I.T.C.H technique was new to him, he hadn’t mastered the art as yet of not being consumed by the rage that fuelled the route… All he had meant to do was scare the son of a bitch with a little fire, yet as the man had insulted “his master”, and his master being him, the rage had spiked to new peaks. What had been intended as a little bloom of flame literally melted the bricks of the place, even worse, it had spread like wild-magic-fire until in less than moments the entire building, contents and all, were no more than a puddle of bright red-orange lava.

Something equally bad had happened at each of the other properties he had visited, his list of collections being over twenty names long. Well it’s their own damn fault. The rage began to build inside. Manners cost them nothing, the lack of apparently cost them their lives. He chuckled darkly. Each and every time he had requested the debt owed, the villager had laughed. Laughed. Some even went so far as to insult Faisel! To insult him! Again the dead wizard’s phantasmal blood began to boil, coils of power drifted slowly from the tips of his fingers off into the air.

BooBeeBop. BooBeeBop. The sudden tone startled Sid-Faisel to the extent that the young boy’s hysterical crying brought forth by being witness to countless horrific murders, stopped instantly. Quickly Faisel pulled a round, clear sphere from his robe pocket that currently flashed green on and off whilst repetitively making the same noise. With an inward groan the miserable old bastard began to speak.

“Accept caller.” The orb flared a brilliant white then began to fade, in its place a furious looking wizened face was revealed, the man’s ridiculous navy coloured cone shaped hat littered with stars and moons half cut off as it passed the roof of the seeing space within the orb. Quickly the face’s expression turned to one of confusion.

“Sid?” Though it spoke the assistants name like Seeyid. The Sid-skin shook his head.

“It’s me.” He responded simply, the answer at once turned the face’s look to one of astonishment.

Faisel!?” The dead wizard nodded somewhat pompously. “What the hell are you doing in Sid?” Faisel grimaced at the face’s use of words, the way he spoke seemed to make everything so much… cruder.

“I died Abara, yet somehow I remained in spirit form.” Abara Kadabara frowned in confusion though not without a hint of awe.

“Only you could wrangle this one Faisel.” Abara shook his head in disbelief. “Zippity won’t be too happy about it, I can tell you that. He had his black little heart set on your ridiculous tower.” Zippity dosh was a dick. The younger Wizard had for some reason set his eyes on everything that Faisel owned, he even wore the same clothes as him! Well… The Wizarding uniform was somewhat universal, being the robe that matched abara’s hat, navy blue with gold stars suns and moons emblazoned, which literally every wizard that has ever existed wore, yet how dare he! “Regardless, this is not why I’ve called.” The frown reappeared on the man’s face though the anger of before lacked. “You must stop your magic onslaught immediately!” Abara, being the head of the board of directors for the wizarding association was of course entrusted with wizarding relations. The murder of an entire town being not what most would call very social, and seen as wizard already had a rather bad name… well it was a bit of a no no.

“I’m done already.” Sid’s mouth spoke almost offhandedly. “In fact I think I need to sleep.” The director’s face lost the frown as confusion set in once more, he evidently didn’t expect compliance, even in this twisted way.

“Oh, uh – well uh, very good carry on.”

“Bye Abara.”

“Good day Faisel.” The orb flashed red as it winked out, its normal glass-like clear state resumed.


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