Chaos Theory Productions

As you should all know by now, I very much hate the compulsory social niceties that come with being a human… I mean all of these pleases and thank yous, Hellos and goodbyes… Lets be honest, do you really care? I know I don’t. Picture a world where people just came up to you with what they actually wanted to talk to you about straight out of their mouth as they approach.

“Wanna buy some crack?”


Interaction done. But no, instead:

“Hey dude, how’s your day going?”


“no way, like totally, oh my god, me to, I so feel you homie.”


“Tell me about it brah, I got’chu yo’ stay strong, have you seen my instagram, facebook, footbook, handbook, dickbook, snapchat, chatsnap, snatchchat, bebo, myspace and twitter today?”


“Wanna buy some crack?”

SEE? Point proven, everyone just quit your bullshit. from now on, instead of hello I am going to start every post with pure and utter nonsense that is just about as relevant to your life as me saying “Hello how are you” starting now:

Spaghetti monster stegosaurus with a piebald mare ate only when the king of Atlantis allowed him the privilege of shooting pine cones from a trumpet on the ninth day of the week.

Anyway, great news(!)

I have been contacted by a great guy over at Chaos Theory productions who has requested to narrate Faisel’s sorrows and A Liar’s game on his channel Chaos Theory Productions.


Part one of A Liar’s game is already out and it’s fantastic, CTP really bring it to life with their narrative skill… Check it out here.

All of the link’s on the “A Liar’s Game” blog page will have the narrated CTP channel links posted alongside the story link as soon as they are released and so will Faisel’s sorrows once I have set up an index page.

Thanks, now fuck off.

Love. x


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