A Liars Game – Part 13

A Liars Game – Part 14

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game – Part 12

“Amelia?” Tay questioned as the pair pushed against the rotten wood of the buildings door, the pressure applied immediately caused the useless rusted hinges to give way, the poorly made door crumbled outward to land flat in the mud before them with a wet squelch

Tayne more felt than saw Thorne’s head shake slowly from side to side, his heart sunk as the realisation hit that this meant that this new adventure was nowhere near finished, and this time there was no way of avoiding it. The blood that spewed steadily from the relatively large gash on his inner thigh had drenched the right leg of his posh trousers, the fabric slick and sticky yet warm… A feeling not unlike the countless times he had pissed himself drunk, though tenfold more painful. Actually… other than that one time I caught something from that whorehouse, that was pretty ba- Tayne’s thought cut off with a frown,  Blood loss. He realised, the strange irrelevant train of thought brought with it a nice warm fuzzy feeling, his concentration wavered as his lids began to grow heavy.

“Thorne…” His words seemed too soft within his own ears, though he knew full well he had spoken at a normal volume.

“What is it?” The Von’faygan guard replied as he struggled under the weight of the degenerate, Tay’s legs losing strength by the moment.

“I think I’m going to pass ou-” Darkness.

“Tay?” The Bloodthorne’s voice pulled the man back up from the void, “Are you awake my friend?” No fuck off. Tayne didn’t want to be awake, being awake meant more pain, it meant having to traverse the thick-with-mud shitty streets that stank of piss and mould, all the while having to endure the agonising pain in his le- The ex-drunk blinked in confusion. The pain was gone. Not only that but he was extremely comfortable, as if he was lain on a – The man’s eyes blinked open to confirm his initial guess. A feathered mattress. What had felt like a moment had evidently been far longer, for not only was  the degenerate gambling bastard wrapped up nice and cosy in his own bed within the Von’faygan palace, but his wound had been dressed, stitched and bandaged in such a way that he no longer felt any pain whatsoever.  Tayne attempted to push himself  up in bed but was halted as the room decided it no longer liked being the correct way around and spun in the most disorienting manner until the entire space seemed upside down. Oh, wait. The room hadn’t moved, he had just fallen backward into the pillow once more. “Easy my friend, you’ve enough medication in your blood to knock out an elephant.” Tayne smiled dreamily, he liked elephants.

“Mooooo” he called softly, the sound of his voice vibrated his head in an almost orgasmic fashion, his face grew hot with pleasure.

“What’s that?” The Guard head queried as he dropped to one knee beside Tay’s bed.

“S’nelephant” Murmured Tayne with a chuckle.  For a moment Lord Thorne stared with concern at the bedridden Liar, though eventually he spoke.

“Of course it is.” A pause as the man regained his feet, “I must leave to locate my niece, should you need for anything ring this.” The cold metal handle of a silver bell was pressed into Tayne’s palm, the object icy despite the warm heat of the day.

“Erghh.” Tayne flopped his hand forward, the bell discarded with disgust. Cold.  Amelia? Great tits.  The disjointed thought confused him, “Amelia.”  He stated, then in his confused haze began an attempt to climb out of bed.

“You’re a brave man Lord Tay, and the desire to accompany me speaks volumes for your character but you are in no shape for travel.” The Guards words registered on the degenerate’s ears though the meaning seemed undecipherable, the drug induced mind-fog obscured all reason and logical thought, all he knew was he wanted to get up and go with Thorne. Strangely, an inner voice within his head kept yelling things about idiots and fools, at one point he even made out “sit the fuck back down you idiot!” To which the drugged up drunk chuckled slightly as the obscenities tickled his humour.  “Amelia.” He stated again in a confused way, unsure now why he was saying the young woman’s name. Great tits. He thought before he was hit by a strange sense of dejavu.

“Are you absolutely certain you wish to accompany me? The people that have my Niece are more dangerous than you realise, Slavers guard their stock like a mother bear guards her cub.” Silence from Tay as the fake lord watched the Bloodthorne’s lips move, the sounds that emitted with the motion too confusing to follow. “Tay, are you certain?” Certain? Certain she got great tits. He nodded dumbly. “You just keep on surprising me my friend.” The blonde haired man clasped Tayne’s upper arm warmly. “Sleep now, I swear on my honour I shall not leave without you. We leave at first light.”#

A Liars Game – Part 14

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game – Part 12


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