A Liar’s Game – Part 12


A Liar’s Game – Part 11

A Liar’s Game

A Liars Game – Part 13

Tayne shook his head in denial of the barkeep’s words, a sick sinking feeling clutched at his stomach.

“Never seen anything like it. You, the lad and that mad Von’Faygan bastard, went straight up and picked a fight with a group of slavers, over twenty of ‘em there was, all the while the Blood Thorne’s niece yelled like a loon from across the room.” Tay groaned.

“So I’m going to assume they beat me unconscious, hence the reason I can’t remember a Tarran damned thing.” Chamber’s eyebrows rose once more.

“Beat you?” a pause. “Son, you two crazy fuckers beat the living shit out of each and every one of them, the Kid-” The innkeeper nodded towards Sand, “decided instead of helpin, to stand in the middle of the room singing about some bar whore whilst the commotion as going on.” His eyesbrows dipped in a frown. “Shame that ugly bastard got his grubby hands on the girl though.” Suddenly alert, Tayne leaned forwards, his expression eager.

“Ugly Bastard?”

“Hack, watched the prick slip in whilst you lot tore the place up, grabbed her and off he trot. Tried to tell you’s both  but weren’t no lights on up in that noggin of yours, didn’t understand me nothing.” Hack… The floor beneath Tayne’s feet began to spin, bile rose in his throat, eyes closed head in hands. For a while he sat there, his mind a confused mess of petrified thoughts. Some screamed at him to flee, cut his losses and go, yet some, admittedly the smaller part of the two sides, called for him to go after Thorne and Amelia. For one, if he didn’t he would be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life, and for two… well he kind of liked the Von’Faygan’s, even Thorne himself had grown upon him… he felt he almost owed it to the man to rescue him and Amelia, if he was even with her.

Plus he had it pretty sweet at the moment didn’t he?

With a sigh, Tayne pushed himself to his feet, his decision made up.

“Sand, book me passage on the next ship out of here, I’ll pack my own bag.”

“Me’Lord!” Sand’s confused shout grew louder as the boy ran to catch up with the already retreating degenerate, “We’re leaving Me’Lord?”

I’m leaving Sand. What you do is up to you lad.” Tayne’s reply dipped the boy’s brow in confusion.

“Forgive me words me’Lord, but ain’t no right an honourable thing to do, tuck tail and leg it.”

“Then don’t follow me, ain’t no one making you.” The door to the street opened with a  click as  the false lord and his manservant stepped out onto the street.

“Me’Lord, but wha-” Whatever the boy had been about to say was abruptly cut off as something dark and coarse was pulled over Tayne’s dishevelled head, sight and sound cut off immediately.

“Thought you could escape me did you Tayne?” A voice hissed through the dark into his ear as hands grasped him roughly from behind. Tayne’s blood turned to ice in an instant. “Thought you could kill Bakka and get away with it?” A soft chuckle. “Walk.” Hack commanded. Without thought Tay complied, his feet moved of their own accord, led by the crime boss that held him. On they went, the amount of time indeterminate, the twists and turns countless, until eventually the thud of a door as it opened and closed let the false Lord know they had reached their destination. Sure enough, moments later he was forced down into a hard wooden chair and the bag whipped from his face, the force of which caused the coarse material to burn hot as it flew over his skin.

“Well don’t you clean up all nice and spanky Tay…” Hack’s face was so close to his own that the scars and gouges that lined his features, gained from knife fights, street fights, cage fights and every other type of fight you can imagine, seemed like valleys and bottomless pits at this proximity. His scarred lips twisted into an evil grin, his breath rancid as it flowed over what little greeny-black stump like teeth that remained. “Might av’ to give you a good seeing too before I send you off to meet the maker.” The hideous creature withdrew as he spoke. A sigh of relief left Tayne’s lips as the smell withdrew with him. Unfortunately, the moment of relief was short lived as the hulking missformed miscreant stepped closer to him as his fingers began to tug at the bit of cord that held his trousers up. With a wrench the garments tore free. No….

As the trousers fell, the man’s rather small and shriveled penis was exposed, the head of which was close enough that should he move his head, contact would be made.

“Open wide little piggy…” Hack purred as his hip began to gyrate, the effect of which caused his shriveled maggot like member to begin to rub over the stubble of Tayne’s chin and up over his lips. “Mmmmm…” Ignore it Tay, just concentrate. How you getting out of this one. Easier thought that done. The greasy member that rode around his face like a gradually hardening slug made any thought at all next to impossible. Fuck it.

With every ounce of power the degenerate possessed, he swung his fist upwards in a powerful uppercut, his knuckles connecting immediately with the wrinkled scrotum that hovered horribly above his own chin. Hack’s jaw clicked shut as his eyes went wide, a high pitched hiss escaping his lips. Tayne bolted, his trusty survival instincts spurred his body into motion before his brain had even a chance to process his escape route, by the time his thinker caught up, the rotten wood of the wall was directly in front of him. Shit. His hands shot up to protect his face as much as possible from the imminent impact, his momentum far too strong to pull up short, he was going to have to go through it.

The moment Tayne’s body hit the wood, everything stopped. There was a sickening moment of uncertainty as wood groaned, worry replaced with panic as the planks suddenly shattered, his vision filled with nothing but splinters of the rotten material, then a thud as his shaking body hit the dirt floor beyond the wall.

“Tay!” What? Disoriented, Tayne groggily raised his head, his eyes unfocused. Thorne! The Von’Faygan was before him, bound like a hog by his hands and feet by a length of rope. The shock at finding his friend here seemed to restore lucidity to Tayne’s thoughts, the moment of clarity used to spring forward, his hands immediately tackling the rope that bound the Blood Thorne. “I don’t believe it! You beautiful bastard!” Thorne’s shout filled with joy. Moments later he was free, the rope slithered to the floor like a lifeless serpent as its hold was released. “Come!” the blonde man called as he began to move towards the hole Tayne had made in his entrance, Hacks groans of pain still emanated from beyond. Tayne moved to rise but faltered as pressure was put on his leg, the pain dropped him to the floor with a cry of pain.

“Lord Tay!”Concern filled the man’s voice  as he dropped to one knee beside the drunk, his  hands inspected Tayne’s body, eyes widened as he located the cause of the pain. “Shit.” Muttered Thorne, “Brace yourself!” What the –

“Argh!” Tay screamed as Thorne tore free what appeared to be a long sharp splinter of rotten wood from near his groin. “Fuck you!” Tayne roared followed by an immediate sense of regret as his panicked gaze returned to that of the Von’Fagan family guard, luckily the man’s expression was one of humour rather than anger.

“Come on you glorious miracle of a man.” As he spoke, he ducked down under Tayne’s arm in an attempt to support him as he got to his feet, but in this moment a large shadow fell over the two.

“Behind you!” Tay’s voice surprised even himself as he roared his warning, and luckily so. Thorne’s battle hardened reflexes kicked in the moment the call reached his ears, Tayne deposited back to the earth with another solid thud as Thorne himself leaped to the side, rolled in the dust to return to a standing position just as a solid blade speared the space they had occupied only moments ago. Tayne again acted without thought, his good leg swung with all of the strength he possessed, his shin smashed full force into that of the hideous fucker before him. The attack probably wouldn’t have had much of an impact had the man been fully dressed and balanced as per normal, but luckily for Tay, Hack’s trousers were still around his ankles from the attempted mouth-raping session. Thus, the over-large sack of scars immediately lost balance. His arms flailed as if to halt his fall, the sword flopped from lose fingers to land pommel first by his side. Hack’s eyes went wide as they focused on his fallen weapon, miraculously still balanced vertically with the sharp blade pointed directly upwards, fear bloomed within the sickly grey irises as he realised what was about to happen.

“Noughhhhhhh…” His cry cut off as the blade speared him right under the chin, entered his skull via the soft flesh of his throat, and continued up into the grey matter of his brain where his fall was halted with a “clunk” as the tip of the blade failed to pierce the underside of his own skull.

“Well I’ll be fucked.” Muttered Thorne from the other side of the room, an expression of awe fixed to his face as his gaze moved from the extremely dead body of the second most dangerous person in Sulpi, over to Tayne who still lay sprawled in the dirt, his own eyes wide with shock.

A Liar’s Game – Part 11

A Liar’s Game

A Liars Game – Part 13



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