A Liar’s Game – Part 11

A Liar’s Game – Part 12

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game Part 10

Tayne’s eyes went wide as he listened to his manservant recount the events of the night prior, word by word strengthened the panic he felt until the feeling was strong enough to beat back the pain of the hangover almost entirely.

“And so obviously like, the chicken started to panic after he managed to shove it’s head up there. Unsurprising really, not certain I’d enjoy me own head being rammed up a man’s anu-” Tayne cut the lad off with a motion of his hand.

“what about Amelia?”

“Oh right, so off we went uptown to find somewhere else to drink. ‘pparently even the slums frown on what Jarek did to that poor bird, got us booted right out like. Anyway, on the way we bumped into Lord Thorne and Miss Von’Faygan.” Tayne groaned, his face creased in a grimace. Thorne was there too? I’m finished. “The two tagged along up to the dancing boar where we stopped n’ad a uh, large number of drinks. Last thing I ‘member was you tellin me you had summin special that was, uh what did you say? Gonna “Spice the night up”? Got me to slip it in them drinks on the way back over to the table.” Tayne’s head fell forward back into his hands, the groan suddenly amplified tenfold.

“And then?” The sound muffled as the words were murmured into his hands.

“Dunno.” The degenerate lifted face from hands to stare incredulously at the servant before him with red rimmed eyes, his expression one of utter disbelief.

“What in the name of Tarran’s damned do you mean you dunno!”

“Well, the stuff went in me own drink ‘all.” Sand shrugged. “Don’t remember nothink after that. Woke up naked in the kennels cuddlin a  gang of woofers bout two hours ago.” The last part of his sentence said with an element of shame. Tayne’s stomach turned to lead as he realised what he had to do.

“We gotta go see Thorne.” And probably get beaten to death once he realises what happened.

“You sure you wanna do that?”

“What else choice do we have? If you have any better ideas then pelase, by all means enlighten me.” Sand shifted uncomfortably, his eyes lowered to the ground. “S’wat I thought.” Dammit.

The walk to Lord Thorne’s chambers seemed to stretch on forever, the nauseaous feeling in the pit of his stomach growing ever stronger with every step he took, a dark feeling of inevitability that riddled the currently hungover man with the sense of his own impending doom. What am I even going to say? Can’t really start with “So, sorry about spiking your drink last night then losing your niece in whatever the fuck followed.” Tayne shook his head in misery. He was fucked.

The plain utilitarian door of Thorne’s chambers seemingly materialised before his face, so lost in thought the rest of the journey had passed in a flash. The absolute terror that the fake Lord felt in the very pit of his stomach seemed to be mirrored on his manservants face, as if perhaps he had only just realised the implications of the night prior, the fact that he had been the one to actually spike the drinks made him a fellow conspirator, potentially even the main suspect should this go any further than it had already.

“you do it.” Sand startled as Tayne indicated forwards before quickly taking a step back to place the body of his manservant between himself and the closed door. With a face that depicted the absolute pinnacle of misery, the young lad banged on the wooden frame before him three times. The two men waited in silence, a silence that seemed to last forever. Sand’s youthful face turned to glance questioningly at his master.

“Again.” With a sigh the boy complied, another three knocks, the first two the same as before, but on the third, the pressure applied to the door caused the heavy wood object to swing slightly open. The two shared a glance as the breach occurred, a look filled with worry. Sand pushed harder on the solid wood to swing the door open the entire way, Thorne’s immaculate bedroom revealed. Shit. Unless Thorne was quite literally the cleanest, neatest being to ever walk the face of the planet, there was no way the man had slept in here last night. Thorne was renown to value his privacy, cleaning staff banned from his chambers, so the possibility of the servants having attended and tidied was immediately ruled out. On one hand, this could be a good thing. Perhaps Thorne was wherever it was that Amelia was, on the other hand it could mean something exceptionally bad. I mean, who the hell could prevent Lord Thorne Von’Faygan from returning back to his home. Tayne shivered.

“Right…” he began, “We need to backtrack, find out where we went from the Boar. Look for anything you recognise, anything…” The degenerate trailed off with a grimace as a spike of pain from his hangover assaulted him in the form of a throbbing headache. “Dammit. Come on, let’s go.”

As slow as the walk had been to Thorne’s room, the hastened pace they took to the Dancing Boar passed in a flash, the upper class tavern entrance  appeared in moments before his very eyes. “Right, Sand keep an eye open, this is our only hope.” The boy nodded,  apparently mute since he had realised that he was now a potential suspect of kidnapping or whatever the hell had happened last night. Tayne pushed at the closed door before him. It didn’t budge. What? The Dancing boar didn’t close. Ever. It was one of the main reasons that the establishment had become so famous, it’s twenty four hour service period attracted those of every class, rich and poor. Although the poor generally left poorer at the extortionate price of the drinks therein, though what else could you do in the small hours of the morning when every other place of cheaper drink and lesser reputation has barred it’s doors to await the death of that day’s light. With a frown, Tayne banged hard on the door twice.

“Who is it?” The gruff voice of Chambers, the inkeep called from behind the wood.

“Lord Tay, I require assistance!” A number of bumps and clunks suddenly became audible through the door, mixed with hurried footsteps as the barkeep evidently ran over to admit the important lord and his underling, indeed the door suddenly flew open with a gust of wind that tickled Tayne’s face as it passed.

“How dare you show your face here after last night.” Ah bollocks. The normally good natured man’s pale skin was currently perhaps the darkest shade of red that the drunk had ever seen on a human. His eyes bulged with fury as the veins in his neck stood out to the extent that Tayne was genuinely worried they may pop at any moment. He took a step backward, away from the man, hands raised before him in supplication. “don’t! I don’t want to hear it! Look at this, look at what you and that bastard Von’Faygan did to my bar!” The short man stepped out of the way of the doorframe, the inner contents of the usually opulent Dancing Boar suddenly made visible. By Tarran… Sand gasped as he too saw past the man.

The interior of the inn seemed to… well in a nutshell it seemed to no longer exist. Debris and rubble lined every visible surface, sword marks evident on the floors, walls and ceiling paired with great chunks of missing wood scattered in random locations.

“What the hell happened?” Tayne stammered, his mouth agape. The inkeep paused, he blinked twice before impossibly turning a deeper shade of red right before Tayne’s very eyes.

You happened!” he roared, “Your little group of macho men started on that group of slavers, the next thing I know I’ve got the head of the damn Von’faygan security swinging a blade two times as long as I stand tall, into everything in sight, whilst you run about like a madman with your sword out, slashing left right and centre!”

“Listen, Chambers. I need to know who these men were, the ones we fought. I swear to you, once I find Thorne, he will make this right, but right now I need to know what happened.” The colour of the man’s skin had already started to return to a more normal colour at the promise of reimbursement, his eyes less angry, more amazed.

“You mean you don’t remember?” Tayne shook his head.


A Liar’s Game – Part 12

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game Part 10



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