A Liar’s Game Part 10

A Liar’s Game – Part 9

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game – Part 11

Two sharp knocks on his bedroom door shattered the bliss of the void as sleep fled from his grasp in much the same way as the gold coins he owned during a game of cards.  Abruptly he realised that his body seemed to be halfway out of bed, seemingly more with it than his brain as the move had happened before the man had even registered that he was now awake.

“Ente-” The command broken off as it ended in a cough from the long term disuse of his voice.

“M’Lord!” Sand’s voice piped up from beyond the door before he had even fully opened the Tarran damned thing. His voice filled with excitement as he burst into the room, his body literally vibrated in anticipation of the release of whatever news he now held. With a groan, Tayne gave up on his attempt to elevate his body to a position of upright-ness as he realised the attendee wasn’t someone of high enough social standing to bother with worrying about hurting his feelings. “Big news M’lor-”

The lad was cut off as Tayne held up a single hand, his face still pushed into one of the heavenly soft pillows that the cloud-like bed supported.  Sand stood in silence as he waited for whatever it was that his Lord had silenced him for. Until Tayne began to snore.

“M’Lord!” A slightly impatient tone had crept into the boy’s voice as he realised that he hadn’t been hushed so that the man could say something, more so that his voice would no longer act as a barrier to realm of dreams.

“Wass’at?” Tayne shot bolt upright as the manservant’s voice registered.  Tarran dammit what is that noise?  Two bloodshot eyes gradually opened to stare dumbly about the room with a cringe. It took a moment to realise that the deafeningly loud repetitive drum like sound, was in fact his own pulse as it banged in his ears. Damn… Literally everything seemed amplified, the light from the window seemed to bore into his eyes with the light of a thousand suns, his own breathing equivalent to a gale force wind as he wheezed in and out.


“Shh!” Tayne flinched as the boy’s voice began to tear apart his eardrums. This was a hangover worthy of the legends, what the hell had he done last night? With a smile he remembered that he had spent at least the beginning of the evening with the beautiful Amelia Von’faygan. He settled back into his warm cocoon. Bet it was awesome.

                “You’re gonna wonna get up for this M’lord!” With a groan Tayne pulled the soft down cover over his head and sighed as his world once more became warm and fuzzy. “Lady Amelia is gone, missing.” His heart stopped. The pain of the hangover forgotten as he shot out of bed in nothing but a long soft pair of  dirty grey long johns.

“What do you mean missing? How missing?”

“How missing? Like, all the way missing M’lord. Lord Von’Faygan has asked to see yo-”

“Which Lord Von’Faygan.” Panic escalated the rate of his heartbeat until the tempo became nothing but one long drawn out thud.

“Master Raydian M’lord, He’s currently out with the guards searchin bout the place, shouldn’t be no more then a few hours. Said’s to tell you to go right on in n’wait for ‘im.” The beat of his heart slowed a minute amount as “Few hours” registered in his mind. Few hours to find out what the fuck happened last night before bossman grills me like tonight’s roast hog. Tayne scratched at his side as an odd sensation on his skin distracted the man from the recollection of the previous night’s memories, a sharp breath inhaled as agony spread across his side and back at the very moment his fingers made contact.

“what the- ” his hand retracted, stained with a small amount of blood. Puzzled, the extremely hungover man stumbled over to the floor standing mirror of his room to inspect whatever it was that ailed him. Four marks ran from his side and up his back, like a claw had been dragged painfully down his spine and trailed off towards his belly.  Focus Tayne, it ain’t killed you so forget about it. Bigger fish to fry right now. “Shirt.” Called Tayne as he stepped into the comfortable grey trousers he had worn the night before, much to the disgust of Sand, his newly appointed personal manservant. “Quickly!” the word punctuated with wild gestures towards the clothes cupboard of his new room.

With a sigh the boy began to rummage through the many shirts that the family had provided for Tayne, eventually selecting a dark red button up number with ridiculously frilly sleeves.  With a smug look the boy passed it over. Fuck it. The garment slipped on over his head as fast as he could without even undoing the buttons.

“Sand, where did I go last night?” The question tore from his lips before he had even given the words any thought. Well done, not like that incriminating at all you dumbarse. The lad frowned as he took in his master before him, his eyes moved to his dishevelled hair, the slightly damp patch of dark blood at his side and then finally his extremely bloodshot eyes.

“You mean you don’t remember?” He stated in a factual way, eyes suddenly wide with an incredulous expression. The two had come to an odd sort of mutual understanding in the time that they had spent together after Tayne had requested him as his personal attendee. The lad wasn’t stupid, he knew there was something off about “Lord Tay”, but the two had somehow silently decided that their situation was better of as it was than confront the problem that may or may not exist as far as Sand himself knew. Anyway, who’d want to go back to cleaning the palace’s toilets when given the chance to literally lounge about his master’s rooms all day doing whatever the hell eh wanted. Tay had absolutely no idea how to utilise a manservant, so he didn’t.  Sure the boy grabbed him the odd thing here and there, brought him meals and the such, but that was really the extent of his duties.

“Shit.” the boy muttered his eyes suddenly to the floor.

A Liar’s Game – Part 9

A Liar’s Game

A Liar’s Game – Part 11






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