A Liar’s Game – The competition.


Alright, so… I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m just an everyday human (albeit a great and amazing King, ruler of Wrecketoria) like yourself (only better). I have a life away from my blog, (obviously), I work for a living, and do normal daily human stuff.

Hence, although I wish I could offer more, the prize that is up for grabs is a 10£ amazon voucher. I know, I know, there’s all these websites out there that offer CPU GTXMK375737 with PLATiNUMM PLATEd HOOHA’S or KRYPTONIAN SALIVA FROZEN WITHIN A GLASS REPLICA OF JOHNNY DEPPS LEFT NUT, so on and so forth… BUT, this is a non-profit website, I do this because I enjoy it. (Not to say I don’t plan on growing potentially into a more profitable state), but mainly it’s because I love books and I love writing.

Shut up, a tenner is a tenner, just tell me what to do. That shit will feed my family for a year, a potato a day keeps the invisible rapists away.

Sorry, what? anyway…


Due to the extreme lack of submissions (arseholes.), I will be extending this until exactly a year from now… So the competition finishes 26/09/2018.

On top of this, the prize has changed. 

In total, there will be one winner PER MONTH (providing any of you douchenuggets actually submit anything worth submitting) of a £10 Amazon voucher, and a final winner (at the competition close date), chosen from all collective past winners, who will win a much larger prize (TBC)

**Please note** Any submissions received during the last weeks of September 2017  will be considered for the winning position at the end of October as there will not  be a winner for this month.

SO, a winner will be announced on the last day of each month as an edit on this post in the space below:


Oct 2017:

Nov 2017:

Dec 2017:

Jan 2018:

Feb 2018:

Mar 2018:

Apr 2018:

May 2018:

Jun 2018:

Jul 2018:

Aug 2018:

Sept 2018:

The competition.

Well, it’s simple really. All I’m asking from you to be in for a chance to win, is a drawing of any of the main characters so far, be it Tayne Halmar, the drunken degenerate himself, or The Blood Thorne, the battlefield bastard, it’s your choice.

Obviously, to draw any of the below mentioned, you need to have read the story so far – pictures of a random bloke with no relation to the story itself will not be considered, so don’t just submit a load of random shit you drew years ago.

To start reading, check it out here:

A Liar’s Game

The characters eligible for selection are:

Tayne Halmar

Thorne Von’Faygan

Amelia Von’Faygan

Raydian Von’Faygan





If there is anyone else you feel the need to doodle, just attach the name of the character to the drawing, provided they’re mentioned in the story, the drawing will be considered. (E.G Von’Faygan room servant)

This competition is open to EVERYBODY, this is NOT just for those artistically blessed geniuses that draw for a living etc, as this isn’t a way for me to get some cheaply commissioned artwork… it’s just a bit of fun and something to do, so please, spread the word… even if you’ve never attempted to draw before, give it a go. No hands? no problem, ask your pop’s to superglue a pencil to your stump. Boom, let’s roll.

Please send all submissions to: Fantasy-road@outlook.com

with the subject title: A Liar’s Game – The competition.

If you haven’t read it yet, better get reading –

Have fun, and good luck!




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