Fantasy Road – Update.

First off, let me apologise for the recent inactivity.

Aaaaaannnnndddd cue thinly veiled insult aimed towards readers… Dammit Wrecket, do you have to do this every time? Can’t you just be… you know, nice?

Woah! Calm it down lad(ette). No insults, this is genuine. I’ve had a lot going on out in the real world, moving house amongst other things, and just haven’t had time to update the blog. I know I know, I’m sorry… I know it must have been hard to function without my omnipotent presence and words of infinite wisdom to help get you through your day.

How dare I move house and have a life away from Fantasy Road? Fuck you Peasa- I mean. Sorry.

Regardless, were now getting back on track… The schedule for blog post releases will be as follows.

Monday: Fuck you.

Tuesday: A Liar’s game.

Wednesday: Fuck you.

Thursday: *Every other Thursday* Top fantasy reads.

Friday: Faisel’s Sorrows.

What the fuck is Faisel’s sorrows?

Ahh, dearest retar- I mean friend, I’m glad you ask. Faisel’s Sorrows is a new(ish) Episodic story, that you’re totally going to love… unless you’re even more of a tool  tha- no wait I mean if you’re even more of a person that slightly doesn’t understand my majestic wit. (Good recovery Wrecket.).

Although, I must admit… The first three instalments aren’t 100% completely new. They were originally posted on another site that Fantasy Road is friendly with as an original piece of writing, although unfortunately the page appears to have been as inactive as we have recently, therefore, the story will continue on here.

Part one will be released this Friday so be sure to check it out… The series is extremely different to the other Fantasy Road episodic, the humour takes a different route…. anyway, just give it a go.

In regards to the “Broken Scion” Side of things (incase you twa- great people have forgotten, that’s the name of my novel.), unfortunately I’m STILL editing my way through and have barely even made a dent in it. It’s 100% completely true what they say… writing the novel is the smallest part of the process… it’s hella daunting.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you all, and once again I apologise for the inactivity!



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