See part 3 – Keep Dreaming


This is part 3 of fantasy thriller “See” written by Fairly Fiction for Fantasy Road, parts one and two are linked below…

See part 1

See part 2 – Devils Dreaming



Godwin has grown up alone in a place he didn’t know. He had spent most of his life surrounded by enemies and things that wanted to kill him. But he had never been as scared as he was now.

Those two words “keep dreaming” had made him utterly numb, had frozen his mind, had sent his heart into a mad frenzy. He was in a state of unmoving submission to the creature that was sitting atop him.

“Keep dreaming.”

Whether the thing was repeating itself of whether he was imagining it he did not know but the words felt as real as the fleshy mass that was forcing him down into his iron bed.

“Keep dreaming.”

Godwin wanted to scream, to throw the thing off him and escape this cell, but instead, he screwed his eyes tightly and refused to move at all. If he didn’t move-


-maybe the thing would go away.


At least that’s what he told himself over and over.

Hands attached themselves to Godwin’s face. Hands which were rough, caveated, broken. They explored his ears, his nose, his eyes; touching and feeling and prodding and digging but still Godwin gave no response, he kept his eyes shut. Then a hand found his mouth.

Godwin felt his jaws being opened but was too scared to resist. He felt a hand enter his mouth and could taste blood, although not his own. He could feel the hand slowly, ever so slowly, moving over his teeth, his cheeks, his tongue, then scuttle backward towards his throat as if a horde of ants. Godwin realised with horror that the hand was not slowing down or making to leave the cavernous interior of his mouth, it was going to crawl all the way down to his stomach. He was going to die. The hand moved to the back of his throat and down his neck, scratching at his insides. Then all at once Godwin retched and spluttered, his eyes forced open by the effort it took, and he fell to the floor with the thing still on top of him.

He could see it now. He could see her now. A woman covered all over in those same dripping scars that the man- the man from so long ago- had been laced in, with a bald head and sharp features stared down at him, her arm elbow deep into his gullet. She had fear in her eyes, Godwin recognised, as if she had only just realised what she was doing. She wrenched her arm out and searing pain gripped Godwin’s insides, causing him to roll over and scream. Finally, scream.  He didn’t even notice her get off him, nor did he see where she went. He vomited up spittle and blood and flesh and then collapsed into it, the full force of what had just happened hitting him harder than she had.

Then, as if by magic, everything changed.


Part 4 out next week. But if you can’t wait check out this sci-fi mystery serial also by Fairly Fiction…

For I Will Die Tomorrow




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