Featured guest story – See, Part 1.

Part One of “See”, a new fantasy thriller written by Fairly Fiction for Fantasy Road. Enjoy!


Godwin ate alone. Until a naked man smashed into his hut and Godwin was alone no longer. The man collapsed to the floor instantly with a spasm, his body quivered as he lay there on the floor, like something inside of him desperately tried to get out.

Godwin didn’t know what to do. “Mara!” He called through the back door as he tried to look determined, as he tried to look in control. “Mara! Stay out there!” There was no reply. The man still lay on the floor, thick vines of stone-grey hair covered his face and naked body. Godwin thought he was smiling.

“Get out of my house!” Godwin tried to sound intimidating. But the man was a scrawny, naked, frail thing. The man posed no threat. “Get out!”. But if he posed no threat, why was Godwin so scared? Suddenly the man lurched upwards, just for a second, but it was long enough for Godwin to see the pool of blood the man was lain in. A pool that spread across the wooden floorboards like fire.

“Mara,” Godwin said, “Mara, keep the children out there too.” The man now lay still. Godwin picked up a knife and approached.  As he moved closer and closer, as he knelt down in the streams of blood, Godwin saw something on the man’s back. There was a patch of exposed skin, the rest being swamped with hair, and it was covered in a pattern of scratches, symbols, and gouges in the flesh. Godwin froze. He knew where the man was from.

The man spun suddenly around toreveal a face with red eyes that weept pus,  a fleshy strip of a mouth and a deep gash where a nose should have been. Around it all, those carved marks. Godwin couldn’t help but call out. The man grappled on top of Godwin as he battered him,  his cheeks gripped with rough caveated hands. Then the man howled. Then Godwin howled. And then everything was gone.



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