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Wreckets notes: The below is an introduction from our new guest writer, Josh from over at Fairly Fiction. If you like what you see, go check him out at: https://fairlyfictionblog.wordpress.com/

Stories are the best, right? I mean, where else can you get elves, dwarves and dragons, battling a living planet in deep space? Nowhere else… And trust me, I’ve looked. Hard.

              Stories, especially fantasy ones, give us things that life can’t. It gives us adventures, people and things that would be completely impossible in the real world. It’s things like these, impossible things, that are needed in life to give us that much-needed escape, to really teach us something about the world. Now, I feel, more than ever.

              Tales and stories, spoken word of mouth or written to paper, legends and whispers… these are my inspiration, it’s why I write.        

              You may have already noticed from the above that I love the improbable, even the impossible… I write about a girl trapped on a lonely asteroid, with nothing but the Ghost of a robot for company, surrounded by the vast everything of space, Or a superhero, A superhero whose sidekick is her own mother! Even the owner of a planet who knows exactly how she’s going to die, right down to the when and why… but there is nothing she can do to stop it.

              I write about these things because they’re impossible, in the real world anyway. My mission is to create a world in which They are what’s real.

              Fantasy, sci-fi and mystery are where I settle, these genres are my home. Although having said that, I also like to experiment every now and then, to test my writing boundaries (hence my dabbling with rom-com…).

              Anyway, that’s me. I have my own blog, FairlyFiction (https://fairlyfictionblog.wordpress.com/) where my current project is the mystery I mentioned earlier, The planet’s owner and her eminent doom.

              I’ve also got some stories to post here, on Fantasy Road. I’ve kindly been offered the opportunity to share some stories with you and I hope you’ll enjoy them. My first one is See, which is a mystery which may (or may not) have demons in it.

              Remember… stories are the best.

Thanks so much and I’ll see y’all soon!


Twitter: @walkinintoawall (it’s mostly doctor who)

Blog: https://fairlyfictionblog.wordpress.com/


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