Amazon gift card giveaway!

Woah, calm down… Yeah you read that right. I’m giving away a 50£ amazon gift card to-

Shut up, no way. This is a scam, what’s the catch? Are you Hitler? 


Dammit chill… And what? What the hell does Hitler have to do with anything?

Shhhh! Don’t speak so loudly, the leprechauns don’t know we’re here yet. 

Well… I’m now not certain wether or not to be worried that my internal voice seems to be a rabid schizophrenic.

Praise be to the holy glaze, the donut sparkles in the underbelly of Timmy the dog. Forever shall his juicy light fuel the embers of my soapy hydra. 

Right… Moving swiftly on. So anyway, yes, I’m giving away a 50£ amazon voucher to one of you lucky little peasants. No catch, no scam.

The rules are simple.

1. share this post on Facebook.

2. Comment on the Fantasy Road Facebook page post of this blog post with your WordPress username/email that you use to follow Fantasy Road.

3. Like/follow the Fantasy Road Facebook page.

4. Once the page has reached 500 likes and shares, a username will be chosen at random and posted to the Fantasy Road homepage, the winner must then supply correct delivery details within a month of the post and the voucher will be sent out. If the winner fails to claim the prize within the month timescale, the prize is forfeit and another name will be picked at random and posted to the Fantasy Road homepage. 

To recap, to be eligible to win the prize you must:

Follow the Fantasy road homepage. 

Follow/like the Fantasy Road Facebook page. 

Share this post on Facebook.

Post your username/email in the comments of “Amazon giftcard giveaway!” on Facebook.

Please note, you do not need a WordPress account to follow the blog, when you click follow, the page it shows is very deceptive and will try to get you to sign up to WordPress. This is not necessary.

Fantasy Road’s Facebook available here!

Another giveaway will be done from 500 – 1k likes and shares, then again at 1k – 5k and 5k – 10k with increasing prize amounts, so watch this space!


Good luck everyone! 


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