The Journey – Part 1 8/10 – Progress report.

I’ll freely admit that this is dragging out by quite a large margin, unfortunately life happens in real-time and can’t be paused… Although how cool would that be? need beer? no money? Boop. Times paused, fill up a  bag of Bud’s. Boop. Annnnnnd… No, screw that boop, drink in the frozen moment, then… Boop. Bam. you’re wasted.

So yeah, I can’t boop life, which really sucks. Therefore, annoyingly, I’ve been incredibly busy and majorly occupied for the majority of the last week or so.

But, I’ve taken this momentary reprieve to pester my Sister with the request of proof reading and editing the first fifty pages of “Broken Scion”. As annoying as she is, she is able to claim a masters in English literature, which also paired with a passion for books and a desire to get into the publishing industry – works out rather well in my favour. Not to mention the fact she’s family so she’s basically legally obliged to help a bruddah out. Literally. Anyway, even if she says no, I’ll just chinese burn her until she calls Mum.


On a side note, Sis… If you are by chance reading this, I wasn’t even talking about you. Don’t get all smart with your “You only have one sibling dumbarse”, I’ll tell Mum if you don’t shut up.

So anyway, if all goes to plan and I’m not shot/stabbed/set on fire by my lovely little sister, then hopefully I should have a piece fully ready to send off as a submission fairly soon… therefore, I solemnly swear on the life of something that makes you believe that I’m telling the truth; to provide a Real update within the magical words of the next ‘The Journey’ post.

Other than that, again tied with the hectic week I’ve had, I haven’t quite found the time to interview our guest Author Simron Gill. Luckily we’ve maintained contact and she is still happy to let me grill her on her life choices and plans for the future (I joke Simron, don’t panic.) We will be organising a date and time at some point this week, once the date is confirmed I’ll put out a small update to let everyone know.

As a side note, thank you for the submissions so far in regards to the ‘Write for Fantasy Road’ post. Unfortunately, a good many of you appear slightly, if not completely illiterate… the repercussions of which, have left me slugging through a metaphorical pile of emails in my desperate attempt to work out if what I’m reading is in the english language at all.

In all seriousness, thank you for your interest. I’m actually planning on reading each piece individually to give everyone a fair chance. Keep your eyes peeled within the next few days for our first guest piece… Although, sadly I can’t promise their words will be as mind blowingly beautiful as my own.

On a final note, I just wanted to link to another blog I read the other day… this one is only going to be of interest to the small few of you cretins that actually like to venture outside of your dank basement you lovingly call a lair…


“What is this… outside?”

Seriously? its like… well it’s like inside but there’s no ceiling or uh… walls.

Blasphemy! where do you hang your larping swords? where does the computer go? surely there’s a table for the dungeons and dragons board!”

Erm… No. But there are Pigeons? and grass, loads of grass. Regardless, the reason I found this blog interesting, is because it’s about running.

Running? You mean how to run your CPU at a faster rate to enable better quality fantasy role-playing games right?”

Again… No. Running, like, you know… through woods and fields and shit.

“But… why?”

Health… exercise… boredom… stupidity… Theres a tonne of reasons why. Anyway, just shut up and check it out.

The Half Arsed Runner


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  1. Thank you Mr Wrecket!

    This blog “is jokes” as I believe the kids would say!

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