The Journey – Part 1 3/4 – Progress report.

Yes yes, I know; It’s been too long and I apologise sincerely…

My Lord… you’re apologising to me? a lowly peasant that dwells at your pleasure in the Kingdom of Wrecketoria?

Indeed… even those on the lowest rung of the social ladder require acknowledgement now and again, I mean come on; I wouldn’t want you to spit in my Macdonalds now would I?

Anyway, as usual I digress. I apologise for the slackened blog post pace of this week, I know you all crave the blessings of my omnipotent knowledge, but unfortunately even those as great as I have obligations they must fulfill out in the real world now and again.

Sire… Real world? you mean… outside of the interwebs…?

That is exactly what I mean young vagrant, outside in the badlands where there is no ceiling, the land beyond your mothers dank basement! A world full of adventure and… Pigeons. So damn many pigeons, I mean shit; why the fuck are these things everywhere? I was in India recently, guess what I saw? Pigeons. Then Nepal, guess what was sat there watching the monkeys at play with their beady little bastard eyes… Pigeons. In Spain as I sunned my Royal self on the white sandy beaches of the Costa Del Sol, what clucked (or hooted I guess.) on by like they owned the damned beach? PIGEONS.

Talk about digression, dammit.

Right, So back on track – I apologise that “The Journey” Part II is yet to materialise, unfortunately I’ve been extremely busy for the last two weeks, the first week I was abroad; the second, unfortunately even me, your Lord has to work for a living, which equally unfortunately left me with a minute amount of time to put finger to keyboard.

SO, what’s changed? well, I’ve decided I hate pigeons. Winged rats they are, all boring and grey and shit. Oh and if you read my last post, you should be aware that I will be interviewing a newly published author, Simron Gill, within the next couple of days, I plan to do so as soon as I’ve completed her novel “Disclosure”.

On top of that (You lucky bastards), today as well as this beautific piece of literature, I’m also going to publish the third “Best Fantasy Reads” issue… So be ready to bask in the glory that is me.

Many Much Lovage,


King Matt.


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