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An interview with an Author


Okay, yes you got me. The post’s title was a play on Anne Rice’s book “An interview with a vampire” which admittedly failed miserably, actually; So much so, it’s made me sound slightly illiterate.

But will I change it? Hell no.

You, good Sir… Are a tool.

That I am, of course I assume that by tool you mean a highly useful object/person that you can’t live without. Anyway… Moving swiftly on.

Although my nonsensical pithering has deviated us from the topic at hand, it has at least maintained a somewhat tenuous hold via the subject at hand… the title.

Dammit, get to the point man.

All right, all right calm down, calm down… So, last night I received an email from a lovely young lady, named Simron Gill; It turns out Simron is a newly published author, her first novel titled “Exposure” has just been released by the Publishing company: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers. during our conversation, it turned out Simron was interested in having myself read and review her book (which I must admit I’m quite excited about after reading the first few pages.) , and also agreed to let me interview her in regards to how she went about becoming a published author, her methods, her struggles, so on and so forth…

I’ll be starting Simron’s book this evening and plan to get this all in motion after the weekend, so keep an eye out!

Of course, if you just cannot wait then there’s always the option to purchase “Exposure” directly from Pegasus publishing – see the link below.

Buy “Exposure” – Pegasus Publishing.

On top of all this, I’ll be blessing you all with the second installment of “The Journey”, so as they say in spaces that need to be watched… uh… watch this space.