Writers Resources

Okay, so a quick one. Listed below is all of the websites I’ve so far used with my research and preperations, everything you need should be somewhere within these links. Also, this post will be constantly updated, so bookmark it or check back every now and then.

The first ones below are from a  brilliant resource website, writersworkshop.co.uk:

Do you need a literary agent?

Finding literary agents: UK and US

Agenthunter – find an agent.

How do you find a literary agent.

Get a literary agent without dying from old age.

Manuscript presentation.

Your literary agent query letter

Sample Literary agent query letter

How do literary agents fees work?

How to write a novel synopsis.

Should you ever pay a reading fee?

Now these ones below this point are websites with a collection of resource:

everywriters writing resource.

Gotham writers resource.

writersservices resource.

Top 100 writers websites (may be outdated as its from 2015)

Some helpful videos also from Writersworksop.

Dont forget to check out:

The Journey – Part 1. Research for Novelists with a newly completed book, what to do next?

Top Fantasy Reads Part I

Top Fantasy Reads Part 2




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  1. Sam says:

    I love your references, they’ve been so useful. I am really enjoying reading your posts, keep o’ at it!!


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