First steps


Good Morning you ‘orrible group o’naysayers! Today, is a great day! Why? Because its one more day closer to friday than yesterday!

Done much today? nah? not surprising. Realistically all people do from the moment they wake, is repeatedly spam pointless shit on their social media page… “OHMIGODZ TOTES JUZ MADE IT TO THE TOP OF DUH STAIRS, DIDNT EVEN AV AN BRAIN ANEURISM OR NUFFINK. ALL BY MYSELF TOO!” Shut up. you didn’t? thank you so much for sharing this, I feel enlightened already; who even needs buddhism when I have your majestic self to stimulate my breadbox.

Incase you haven’t realised by now, yes… I have a real problem with all of these social media sites, I’m absolutely certain there must be a direct link between IQ and social media use; the more time you spend on it, the more you turn into a potato.

Anyway, down to business! I must admit, im cheating a bit here, as I’ve already done this part prior to starting the blog; but it’s (in my eyes) definitely a vital step, so in the words of blue peter, “Heres one I made earlier”

Okay, so… when I first started looking into how to get published, I found out something I didn’t know… keep in mind I knew literally zero about any of this, I havent done any form of degree in english literature or language, writing or anything, my talent comes from passion, the love of books and writing in general, so im completely self-taught… well I did do English literature as an A level subject, but the only thing I learned during this time, was that my english teacher didn’t care if I slept through every lesson.

Back on track, so what I discovered was that to have any chance at all at getting a publishers attention, you need a literary agent… basically these people are the equivalent of an actor’s agent, they find you work, or in this case, they find you a publisher. Another important thing to note about literary agents, is that they don’t take a fee for their work, they only make money if they find you a book deal, then they take a cut of the agreed sum between yourself and the publisher… therefore, as you can imagine, these people are extremely picky; and rightfully so I suppose.

So what to do now? Well, the first step I thought quite obvious, research. Research who the literary agents were for the books most like your own, or your favourite books that you’ve taken inspiration from; for me, this was the “Broken empire” and “Red queens war”, both written by the amazingly talented Mark Lawrence. Finding who Mark’s literary agent was took mere moments with a google search, immediately I found the name “Ian Drury”, the very same search also told me that Ian works for a company named Sheil land associates LTD… which according to their main page, is a literary agency staffed by twelve people, six of which appear to be literary agents,  it’s even noted that the company is in the top 5 literary agencies in the UK, brilliant! or maybe not… it seems after further reading, that there is no way to directly contact an individual sheil land agent,  the only way to get your manuscript to them is via email submission… which more than likely means it will end up in the dirty great mass of submissions awaiting a glance from the revered literary lords of the house… Dammit.

Well… can’t hurt to try.

In the next post I will be talking about what is required in a novel submission, including in-depth research into cover letters, synopsis etc…

As always guys, thanks for reading!



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  1. Reblogged this on The Half Arsed Runner and commented:
    Mr Wrecket gave me a very thoughtful shout-out the other day, and, considering that he was the one who made me finally start a blog, I think it would be wrong not to return the favour. This post is an awesome cocktail (or dirty pint, depending upon your perspective) of seething social commentary and useful hints on the world of publishing.


  2. That “dirty great mass of submissions” is actually known as “the slush pile” in the industry; how encouraging.


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